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The legal field is a large field and we cannot list each of the services that we provide, however, we have listed a few services below for your ease of reference. We understand that each matter is unique in its own manner and aim to adapt to suite your needs in order to provide you with the best possible service.
If you do not find a matter that links to you below, kindly contact us so that a member of  our team may contact you and begin the process of assisting you. Keep in mind that our office will offer a free 15 minute consultation as a gesture, to evaluate your matter and help you find your remedy.

Divorce Law

We understand that going through a divorce is a difficult period for even the strongest of persons and we will assist you in taking the pressure off; by taking you through the process from start to finish and handling everything necessary to finalize the Divorce process, whether you wish to initiate such proceedings or defend such proceedings we will be by your side and ensure that you are not taken advantage of.

Claiming Maintenance,

It is trite that the cost of living is everything but cheap and that people tend to abscond from their responsibilities when it does not benefit them. Hammond-Smith Attorneys will guide and take you through the process in obtaining what is lawfully payable towards you and/or your children’s maintenance costs.

Domestic Violence

It is terrible that persons have to endure such horrific acts of Domestic Violence on a day to day basis, we wish to assist you herein and put an end to such a horrific criminal act.

Put an end to the violence and let our office take you through the process of obtaining the protection that you and your family deserve, and uphold your constitutional rights in the face of such horrific acts.

Defending a maintenance claim

We do understand that human beings generally opt to take advantage of ones good nature and should you be faced with an exorbitant maintenance claim we will assist you in enforcing your rights and help prevent any circumstance where you will be taken advantage of.

Child Custody and parental visitation rights

In law we refer to the High Court as the upper guardian of all minor children and for good reason.

The safety, security, sanctity, health and well-being of minors is of paramount importance and is unmatched. During custody battles usually, the only victim is the minor child/children.

Let our team at Hammond-Smith Attorneys Inc. guide you through the legal process of obtaining visitation rights or custody of the minor child by lawful means in terms of your existing rights while upholding the paramount rights of the minor child and placing the best interests of the child first.

General Family Law

If you don’t see your issue listed here, please note that this is not an exhaustive list and we ask that you contact our office so that we can assist you

Evictions of unlawful occupiers

There is very few things that are more frustrating than a non-paying tenant or a person whom is occupying your property unlawfully. With this in mind the legal process of evicting such a person is a cumbersome and lengthy process.

Let our office take up the strain and proceed with lawful eviction proceedings on your behalf and uphold your rights as a property owner

Arrears Rental and Levies

Our office has a highly experienced team of debt collection agents and attorneys that can assist in obtaining payment of any arrears rentals and levies and will co-ordinate such a collection procedure tailor made to your existing lease agreement or any such lawful procedure as you may deem fit.

Unlawful eviction

Has your landlord taken the law into his own hands?

Such action is unlawful and you as a tenant have the right to not be unlawfully evicted, there are process in place in order for your landlord to evict you and same should be followed.

If you are unlawfully evicted we may be able to assist you in regaining possession of the property.

There is a common misconception that when one is in unlawful occupation another is allowed to make use of unlawful means to evict such person. This is simply not so and whether you are in lawful occupation or not; occupation cannot be interrupted by unlawful means.

Credit agreements

The national credit act has prescribed cumbersome requirements for collection proceedings, our office can identify when the National Credit act is applicable and act accordingly

General Debt Collection

Let us help you obtain payment by the lawful means at your disposal. Our office provides excellent debt collection services in terms of written and/or oral agreements.

Arrears Rental and Levies

Our office has a highly experienced team of debt collection agents and attorneys that can assist in obtaining payment of any arrears rentals and levies and will co-ordinate such a collection procedure tailor made to your existing lease agreement or any such lawful procedure as you may deem fit.

High Court / Magistrates court litigation

Have your rights been infringed, perhaps a company has done you an injustice and you wish to right such wrong, are you subject to the David and Goliath syndrome that generally takes place when major companies are involved and make you feel powerless to enforce your rights?

Lets put an end to that, our office can assist you to enforce your rights and put an end to such injustice.

We can assist you with a range of legal processes ranging from interdicts to claims for damages in delictual matters.

Curator applications

Is one of your loved ones no longer able handle his/her own affairs? Perhaps a friend, colleague, partner or business associate showing signs of inability to handle his/her own affairs?

This is a serious issue and may warrant the appointment of a curator, a curator is a natural person appointed as a “guardian” tasked with handling that persons affairs in accordance with the scope allocated by the High Court of South Africa.

You may want to appoint a curator to assist a loved one or to prevent someone from doing damage or further damage, by making uninformed decisions or not making decisions at all, whatever the reason, there may be a need to appoint a curator to remedy the situation.

Such need for appointment of a curator is not a pre-defined list but can stem from general illness to severe mental disability as a result from some incident that took place.

The process of appointing a curator is an extremely technical and difficult process without the necessary knowledge.

Let our office take the sting out of the procedure and help you to appoint a curator in such warranting circumstances.

Criminal Matters

Have you been charged with a crime?

It is important to know your rights in these circumstances, contact our office so that a skilled member of our team can explain your rights in the matter and the best method to proceed.

It is so to often that people are taken advantage of in the criminal process due to the fact that they have not been informed of their rights.

Lets put an end to unlawful behavior and departures form the criminal process and enforce your rights as an accused person.

Private Prosecutions

Have you or a loved one been wronged? Has a crime been committed against you or someone you know but the state failed to institute criminal action against them?

That is not the end of the line, our legal system makes provision for private prosecutions in such circumstances.

Hammond-Smith Attorneys Inc. will gladly help you seek the justice that is owed to you and guide you through the legal process.

Commercial contracts

Commercial contracts can be quite lengthy and contain various clauses that could hold you accountable for items not specifically agreed upon. Our team can evaluate the agreement and insure it contains what it purports to be.

Should you wish to have a commercial contract drafted, kindly contact our office with your needs so that a draft may be prepared for you.

Antenuptial contracts

Marital regime planning is essential to a successful and happy marriage, contact our office for advice and drafting of the antenuptial contract; best suited to you and your partners needs.

Rental / Lease agreements

When dealing with property contracts, it is imperative that the contract is lawful and scrutinized thoroughly as it can give rise to cumbersome obligations. Contact our office to advise you accordingly when entering or drafting a rental or lease agreement.

Admission applications

The big day has arrived, after years of hard work, you prepare what may be the most important application of your life. Whether it be an application for admission as an Attorney, Advocate, Conveyancer or Notary Public. Allow our office to assist you in drafting and enrolling your application for admission in terms of the Legal Practice Act.